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Behavior-based Reward Programs:
Use-Case Analysis with Claudio Ayub

Set yourself apart from the competition with a behavior-based reward program.

Webinar  |  Thursday, March 15th  |  1PM EST

The challenge:

Your company’s transactional channel incentive programs are not optimized around activities and behaviors, resulting in money spent on deals that they would have gotten anyway.

The solution:
A behavior-based channel incentive program that strengthens your relationships with partners and establishes a competitive differentiation for your channel program; driving partner engagement and loyalty.

Don’t miss this interactive conversation about various use-cases and how to make your channel incentive programs more successful.

During the webinar you will:

  • Get the core elements of an incentive program that looks beyond simple sales rewards to drive future performance.
  • Hear Claudio's advice for incenting a partner organization at the partner company and individual levels.
  • Learn how to align reward points for activities and behaviors with actual results in sales.
  • Watch as Claudio walks through how he would structure an incentive framework that incents channel partners through enablement, pre-sales and post-sales.

About Claudio:
Claudio Ayub is Chief Strategy Officer at Perks Worldwide. He has over 20 years of experience as a loyalty marketing expert with broad knowledge in strategy development, market management, and channel sales planning.