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The Curious Case of MDF ROI

Learn how to turn your existing MDF/Co-Op investment into a competitive advantage without spending more money!

Webinar  |  Thursday, November 1st  |  1PM EST


Time Left to Register:

Get a fresh perspective on your MDF/Co-Op program.

Many channel marketers consider promotional allowance programs as a mere cost of doing business, but the  truth is MDF/Co-Op programs can be a powerful enablement tool. AND it can be done without increasing your budget or involving more resources.

Get started on a new viewpoint today by registering for our webinar, The Curious Case of MDF ROI. Join Craig DeWolf, Perks WW VP of Marketing Enablement, as he discusses how to design, assess, and evolve your program.

Attend the webinar and discover:

  • How to align MDF spending to attain corporate objectives
  • Where MDF fits in your broader incentive toolset
  • How to evaluate the ROI of your MDF program
  • Ways to make your program more effective — without spending more money


Meet the Presenters:

Craig DeWolf Profile.png

Craig DeWolf
VP of Marketing Enablement
Perks Worldwide

Deb Broderson Profile.png

Deb Broderson
Chief Marketing Officer
Perks Worldwide