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Accelerate Your Channel’s Digital Transformation Through Points-based Rewards

Are you effectively driving partner engagement and behavioral change?

Webinar  |  Thursday, December 7th  |  1PM EST

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The digital transformation has made transaction-based incentives obsolete.
Today, behavior-based incentives rule.

Industry leading organizations are moving away from only rewarding finish-line results. Instead, they are rewarding desired actions taken at specific sales cycle stages. Vendors and their incentive managers must recognize that a sale is the result of productive activities that led to the sale.

Join channel experts Angela Leech and Claudio Ayub for a webinar discussing best practices for a long-term, points-based rewards strategy, how to keep participants engaged, and more!

In this free webinar, you'll get actionable information about:

  • Points-based channel rewards program best practices
  • A new methodology and framework to assist in the selection of high-performing incentive types
  • A case study overview on the benefits of consolidating your incentive strategy into one portal


Meet the Presenters:

claudio circle.png

Claudio Ayub
Chief Strategy Officer
Perks Worldwide

Angela Circle.png

Angela Leech
Research Director of Channel Marketing, EMEA