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Perks WW Channel Enterprise Engagement Engine® (E3)

The most flexible, modern platform on the market.

Incentives management is a challenge.

  • Cumbersome global program management
  • Poor visibility into how reward programs are driving ROI
  • Expensive, time-consuming, and error-prone administration
  • Siloed program data that complicates claim validation

Your partners also struggle.

  • Participation in multiple programs is confusing and time-consuming
  • Unclear claim status and delayed point issuance
  • Poor user experience and irrelevant promotions
  • Unattractive, limited, and/or expensive rewards

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E3 delivers personalized, easy-to-use, rewarding channel incentive programs that drive business objectives. E3 is a global channel incentives automation platform, built on a single codebase, focused on aligning partner incentives with your buyer’s journey.

  • Seamless: A true single codebase. Security, stability, and low cost of entry plus a holistic partner experience like no other.
  • Personalized: Custom-fit partner experience. Three-dimensional hierarchy to recreate your partner ecosystem, assign roles, and create groups.
  • Targeted Customizable content delivery system. Target by partner tiers, roles, regions, participating partners and more.
  • Insightful: Single reporting and analytics engine. Comprehensive reporting and analytics across program types.
  • Flexible: Highly-configurable management. Design claims, behavior validation, funding, and reporting on a global basis; promotional activity, enablement, and communications.
  • Integrated: Listed on the Salesforce.com AppExchange®. Full integration, single sign-on access, centralized data for report.