It's all about the experience.

Poor user experience is a big reason partners drop out of channel engagement programs. To attract and maintain partners your channel partner programs must deliver an experience that is customized, targeted, and easy to use. In other words, you’ve got to give them a partner-centric partner experience.


So, how do you make that happen? In this eBook we offer insights, how-tos, and checklists on the six tenets of a channel partner program designed with the partner experience in mind.

  • Partner score-carding
  • Buyer and partner journey models
  • Channel data management
  • Personalization
  • Gamification
  • Program design



Perks WW Enterprise Engagement Engine

What is the Perks Worldwide Enterprise Engagement Engine™ exactly?

The Perks WW E3 platform is a comprehensive solution that allows you to manage all your channel incentives in one place. Get the solutions you need now, then expand as your needs evolve. E3 technology comprises multiple channel incentive modules on a single portal, including a Partner Scorecard, Marketing Planner, MDF, Co-Op, Marketplace, Deal Registration, Rebates, and Rewards, seamlessly bound to addresses our customers' needs in a way individual components cannot deliver on their own.