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A Crash Course on MDF: ROI, Program Design, Execution, and Regulations
MDF, BDF, DGF, Co-Op...sometimes the most relevant acronym relating to market development funds is SOS!

On-Demand Webinar

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Keep your program afloat with a crash course on MDF optimization.
Join our expert, Craig Dewolf, Perks WW VP of Marketing Enablement, as he dives into the fundamentals needed to align, design, and run a successful MDF program.

Discover key performance indicators and identify essential elements of program design, successful execution, and legal considerations. The webinar will include everything you need to know:

  • Putting ROI and MDF together, defining your goals for your MDF program
  • Quick Steps that will elevate your program from good to great
  • Driving partner engagement and keeping your program on-track
  • Important regulations that will keep your finance and legal departments happy

Meet the Presenters:
Craig DeWolf Profile

Craig DeWolf

Perks WW VP of Marketing Enablment

Deb Broderson Profile

Deb Broderson

Perks WW COO